WindMaker – Birth of a King [One Shot Comic]

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The YouNeek YouNiverse is filled with tales of The WindMaker, but few know the story behind the legendary king of Atala’s powers. Taking inspiration from African history and lore, WindMaker – Birth of a King takes us back to a time when The WindMaker was just Bass Kazaar. The son of a modest farmer who sparked a revolution to take back Atalian lands occupied by General Cheng, a rogue Ming Dynasty commander. During the battle on Oris Island, the Atalian rebels, lead by Bass face imminent defeat. But hope rises when Bass finds an Atalian relic guarded by an ancient dragon. A relic that could potentially even the odds.

Rated – T (Teen) | Page Count – 32

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About YouNeek One-Shots

YouNeek One-Shots are short, self-contained stories that tie into the overall plot of the YouNeek YouNiverse. They will be developed as 24 to 36-page comics as opposed to the 100+ page graphic novels YouNeek Studios is known for. YouNeek One-Shots are designed to provide more backstory on characters and plot points that are part of the main, ongoing graphic novel series (E.X.O., Malika, WindMaker etc.).

“Because all our current, ongoing series are released as 100+ page graphic novels as opposed to floppy comics, there’s usually about a three to six-month gap between each book/story. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it gives us enough time to market each book, but we’ve decided to take advantage of that gap by releasing one-shot comics with independent stories that tie into the YouNiverse in a cool way.”

– Roye Okupe – CEO/Co-Founder YouNeek Studios

Because the One-Shots are self-contained stories, they will serve as:

  1. A cheaper way for new fans to get into the YouNeek YouNiverse
  2. A bridge for current fans to tide themselves over till upcoming/subsequent graphic novels (for ongoing series) are released.

13 reviews for WindMaker – Birth of a King [One Shot Comic]

  1. ltivis (verified owner)

    This was a great introduction to the character. Loved the vibrate colors. Very well written. Can’t wait for more.

  2. Mikal Mokelu (verified owner)

    the comic book was amazing it’s about africans who are seen in a better insightful light with courage,wisdom, and valor its truly worth buying and takes you to a whole new journey about africa

  3. Jesse L. (verified owner)

    Me a d my son loved this book. It was a nice change to show him characters that resembled us . 5stars

  4. Khalil (verified owner)

    I love everything about this book

  5. Isaac Udogwu (verified owner)

    Truly dope and worth the read. Will be purchasing more of the series!

  6. rj (verified owner)

    great introductory story that gives you a taste of the lore of this world

  7. Natalie Eckman (verified owner)

    OMG!! I saw this promotion for “WINDMAKER – BIRTH OF A KING” and what really got my attention was the dragon. I love dragons and to see Black people with dragons, I absolutely loved it…..and this was just looking at the cover. The story was amazing! I loved the characters, the story, and the art. I will definitely be getting the rest of these series. They are extraordinary and such an inspirational wonder! Thank You YouNeek Studios for all that you do!

  8. Ali Quinn (verified owner)

    Loved the story and the art work. As a long time comic book collector, I have a deep appreciation for seeing books with characters and heroes with the same color as myself. I love the Youneek line of titles and have purchased the others. Waiting impatiently for a second issue.

  9. Kenneth Ross (verified owner)

    Great book I liked everything about it from the story to the art work

  10. Robert J Crumb (verified owner)

    I loved art work and story i’ll be reading more soon.

  11. Faith Winfield (verified owner)

    Great introduction and history to the character I look forward to reading more intro’s like this on the rest of the characters.

  12. Adrienne (verified owner)

    My parcel came in on time. I absolutely love love love the story, the characters, the colours; my 6 years old daughter as well loved that the main character was a girl. You have definitively gain a fan for life if you continue delivery quality.
    Manchester (UK)

  13. Jomari Peterson (verified owner)

    I love the style and the breadth of the world built in this issue. I am looking forward to more.

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