Malika – Warrior Queen Part Three (Fallen Queen Vol 1) [Chap. 14 – 18]

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Malika, warrior queen and military commander of the 15th-century West African Empire, Azzaz, has been flung into the year 2025. After years of moving in the shadows, Malika is forced out of hiding by The Olon Jin — ancient sorcerers imprisoned for centuries because of their obsession with dark magic. In their sights is the Fire and Frost stone — a relic that holds the combined power of two legendary dragons. On her journey to Egypt to retrieve the stone, Malika uncovers a sinister plot that predates even her 500-year-old legend as Warrior, Queen and Hero of the Azzazian Empire. As Malika battles both her past and present, she runs into Eliza Mantel, a young girl with hidden powers whose mind could tip the scales in an ancient war that threatens to end humanity.


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The Series So Far…

Malika – Fallen Queen Part One is a follow up to the first saga — Warrior Queen — of the award-winning series. Although recommended for understanding certain easter eggs, reading the prequel graphic novels in the Warrior Queen saga is NOT required to enjoy Fallen Queen.

New readers will be able to jump right into and enjoy Malika – Fallen Queen part One while current fans of the series will appreciate the thread we continue to weave in Malika’s adventures within the connected YouNeek YouNiverse.

1 review for Malika – Warrior Queen Part Three (Fallen Queen Vol 1) [Chap. 14 – 18]

  1. Earl Weaver Jr

    Okay… so I finally finished reading this OGN and I must say it’s easily the best of the Malika series. The artwork was really good as well! It’s honestly an incentive that makes you want to read through the book faster too lol. Oh and I can’t forget the characters. In this one, I felt like Malika was more grounded than she’s ever been before, making you admire every step of her journey. Not to mention her amazing supporting cast! In particular, the newest character, FireFrost, who’s a breakout star! Ahh, and I can’t forget the many historical references to real world African history that’s sprinkled throughout the book if you pay close attention!! All in all, I highly recommend this book. You’ll love it!!

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