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Malika vol 3 Cover & Title Reveal!!!

Malika Fallen Queen Part One

Here it is, my friends…

The next chapter in the EPIC Malika series has arrived…

Well just the cover, lol…

This summer…

Get ready for…


Malika Fallen Queen Part One Cover
Malika – Fallen Queen Part One


The series will be making a slow transition from Historical Fantasy set in the 15th century to Urban Fantasy set in the 21st century (500 years after the events of Malika – Warrior Queen).

But… It WILL stay true to its roots with the story, characters, look/feel etc. all inspired by African history, culture and mythology!

The story will also have Malika herself journey to places like Egypt, The U.K., Spain, Zimbabwe and more! 

Finally, we get to introduce our newest hero, Eliza Mantel aka FireFrost!

FireFrost - Eliza Mantel
Eliza Mantel aka FireFrost


Born in Zimbabwe… Raised in the U.K…. Chosen by the Ibeji(twin) dragons after she crosses paths with the legendary Warrior Queen, Malika!

Why? Keep watching this space for more details 😉

Till then, what do you think?

Questions? Comments? Type them in below!

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