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Iyanu Vol 3

Iyanu Volume 3 is here!

Iyanu makes her way to the Source to save all of Yorubaland from an ancient curse.

This time, however, she has help from her new friends: Biyi, a carefree adventurer; Toye, the bookworm, and Ekun, the magical and opinionated giant leopard! Together, all four-also known as Team Chosen-embark on an epic adventure full of twists, turns, and laughs that will change their lives forever!

Dark Horse and YouNeek Studios continue stories in a shared universe of African fantasy and superhero stories—the YouNeek YouNiverse

The Iyanu Animated Series is on the way!

'Iyanu: Child of Wonder' Animated series Greenlight at HBO Max and Cartoon Network

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Iyanu Cartoon Network Max Poster

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It has been over five hundred years since the age of wonders — a time where the Divine Ones blessed Yorubaland with spiritual, structural, and technological marvels. But in the blink of an eye, it all vanished, and all that was left were remnants of an ancient, advanced civilization. As humankind forges ahead, culture becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes history, and history becomes mythology. Until Iyanu. A teenage orphan girl with no recollection of her past who suddenly discovers that she has hidden powers that rival the Divine Ones themselves. It is these abilities that are the key to bringing back the age of wonders and saving a world on the brink of destruction at the hands of The Corrupt — Cursed Wildlife and Divine Beasts desperate to destroy humanity.