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Introducing The Main Characters

By February 6, 2015March 24th, 2015Characters, EXO

E.X.O. (Center)

And here he is, our brave (but sometimes impetuous) hero Wale Williams aka E.X.O. Following his return home to Nigeria after 5 years, Wale finds the weight of a city placed on his shoulders.

FURY (Left)

Not much is known about the mysterious Fury, except she has the ability to move in extreme, but monetary speed bursts. To E.X.O., she often times a “Purple Problem”.

ONIKU (Right)

The big-bad. Oniku is an incredibly intelligent and calculated sociopath, Oniku is always a step ahead of his foes. Which makes him a formidable nemesis for E.X.O.

*All characters are currently work in progress sketches

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