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E.X.O. Graphic Novel Update#1 – The CREED

By February 25, 2015March 24th, 2015Characters, Concept Art, EXO, Graphic Novels

So I decided…. Instead of just posting random pictures about the development of the graphic novel, It’s better I took a more structured approach (hopefully I don’t spoil the whole book before it comes out). So for today we have update #1: The CREED. The big bad bullies of Lagoon City (jerks!). Lead by the extremely intelligent but sociopathic Oniku, the CREED are the antithesis of everything E.X.O. stands for.

After years of peace and stability in LC, the CREED have brought about a level of mayhem the city (and nation) has not experienced in decades. Worse still, these aren’t your everyday thugs, they are military trained maniacs who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, making them a formidable force E.X.O. must battle repeatedly.

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