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After the spirit of the Legendary WindMaker is reincarnated within him, Bo must pick a side in an increasingly tense civil war that plagues his nation. Will this orphan from the remote parts of Atala be the hero the country needs or will his emergence further exacerbate the division that threatens to crush the republic. Read full bio (coming soon)

Character Info

Real Name Bo (Boluwatife)
Aliases The WindMaker
Powers Able to manipulate the wind/air.
Abilities As head of the Red knights—the security team responsible for protecting the sitting president of Atala—Bo is incredibly adept in hand-to-hand combat, handling weapons, crisis management as well as politics. Read more (coming soon)
Height 6’2
Weight 205 lbs
Nationality Atalian
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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Windmaker newFun Fact

The Kingdom of Atala (15th century) eventually became The Republic of Atala (20th century).