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Trained in the art of combat as well as the ancient ways of the Divine Ones, Iyanu is as stubborn as she is brave. An explosive combination of traits that leads to the revelation of her hidden Divine Powers. Read full bio (coming soon)

Character Info

Real Name Iyanu
Aliases The Chosen
Powers Energy manipulation (via Divine Power) broken into three parts: Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Natural Energy Manipulation and Spiritual Energy Manipulation.
Abilities Iyanu was trained in the ancient art of Engolo (acrobatic leg sweep combat native to West Africa) by the Agoni—keepers of the history, secrets & culture of Yorubaland. Iyanu is also an adept marksman with a bow and arrow. Read more (coming soon)
Height 5’0
Weight 85 lbs
Nationality Yorubaland
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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Fun Fact

The City of Elu (Iyanu’s home) is inspired by Benin City (the capital of present-day Edo, Nigeria) and its massive walls, which are said to extend for 16,000 kilometers—four times longer than the Great Wall of China.