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Zahra is without a doubt the anchor that consistently keeps everything together when Wale inevitably blows things up. She’s a brilliant engineer, exceptional martial artist, and a master strategist. And this is all without her Fury Gear, which allows her to move at incredible speeds in short bursts. Read full bio

Character Info

Real Name Zahra Martins
Aliases Fury, Purple Problem
Powers Super speed (in short bursts and never in a straight line), can leap up to 50 feet in the air and retractable blades. All enabled by her “Fury” gear.
Abilities Fury’s combat style suggests she is well versed in the ancient martial arts technique Ninjitsu. That combined with her speed (with the Fury gear) makes her an incredibly evasive combatant, who more than often frustrates her foes by being virtually untouchable. Read more
Height 5’10
Weight 135 lbs
Nationality Nigerian/British (Biracial)
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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Fury vs DREDs

Fun Fact

Fury’s suit is reinforced with a Kevlar like material, making it both form-fitting (for enhanced aerodynamic movement) as well as bulletproof.