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Hot-headed, stubborn and headstrong are words that are frequently used to describe this hero in the making. But after a brief period of forced and somewhat awkward training under the tutelage of the Warrior Queen herself, Malika, it becomes clear that Eliza has a level of courage and heart that very few heroes ever attain in their lifetime. After discovering that she has the power of two ancient dragons inside her, Eliza must look inward and tackle her own painful past if she is ever to master her new abilities for the greater good. Can Eliza maintain a level head as she learns to control her newfound powers? Only time will tell.  Read full bio (coming soon)

Character Info

Real Name Eliza Mantel
Aliases FireFrost
Powers The ability to conjure and manipulate both Fire and Frost.
Abilities After her foster mother and former member of the Israeli special forces dies, Eliza inherits her U.K. based Krav Maga dojo. Years of training under her master means Eliza is a master of the craft. A craft that receives even more polish after she trains under the legendary Warrior Queen: Malika.  Read more (coming soon)
Height 5’9
Weight 120 lbs
Nationality Zimbabwean/British (Dual Citizenship)
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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FireFrost FullFun Fact

Eliza’s outfit is heavily inspired by Victorian era/steampunk fashion, which is a nod to her English roots.