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Overconfident, reckless and impatient; These are some of the words that describe this “hero in the making”. Wale’s genius makes him audacious, which more than often leads him into dangerous situations. However, throughout his journey, his bravery, selflessness and strong will show why his true calling is to be a hero. Read full bio

Character Info

Real Name Adewale “Wale” Williams
Aliases EXO, EXO-NOVA, Herald of Peace.
Powers Super strength, agility, endurance, flight, plus the ability to generate and manipulate force fields.
Abilities Wale has both an undergrad in computer engineering and a master’s degree in computer science. his supreme understanding of technology, computers and their hardware always gives him an advantage in situations surrounding them. Read more
Height 6’2 | 6’4 in E.X.O. Suit
Weight 210 lbs, 230lbs in E.X.O. Suit
Nationality Nigerian
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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Fun Fact

E.X.O. stands for Endogenic Xoskeletal Ordnance and refers to the suit Wale wears. However, it is different from “EXO” (no periods) whihc is the moniker for Wale’s superhero alter ego.