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The myth of this world begins with the Divine Ones. Mighty guardians (sometimes referred to as Angels) sent to Yorubaland by Akoda Aye (The Creator) thousands of years ago. Led by The First Father, king of the Divine Ones, their role on earth was to act as advocates, comforters, intercessors, and spiritual guides for humanity. Unfortunately, one of the sons of The First Father, who would later go on to be known as The Fallen One, chose to do differently. After being seduced by forbidden dark magic, The Fallen One felt that the “inferior humans” should instead worship the Divines Ones. The Fallen One managed to seduce a third of the Divine Ones to his cause and thus began the Divine Wars.

Group Info

Leader Atala – The First Father
Location Yorubaland
Alliance Good
Full Name
The Divine Ones
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse
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