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BREAKING! YouNeek Announces First Team Up Book – The Oloris

The Oloris

Next year will mark 5 years since we embarked on this crazy journey of starting YouNeek Studios (officially, the company was registered in 2016). And what better way to celebrate this awesome milestone than with our first team up book – THE OLORIS ???

Sometime next year, we’ll be releasing a teaser comic that will feature all your favorite YouNeek heroes (and possibly villains ?) in the same book for the first time after a huge crisis rocks the world as they know it. That’s right… Malika, The WindMaker, EXO, Fury, FireFrost and more will rock the pages of this EPIC comic! And we cannot wait for you guys to see what we’ve been building up to with EVERY SINGLE story in the YouNeek YouNiverse the last 5 years!

It is going to be absolutely INSANE! It’s not necessary to read all the books to follow this story, although, we STRONGLY recommend it if you want to get the FULL payoff. So, now’s the time to catch up on any books you’ve been eyeing the past couple years.

You can get them all at our store here 

Until then, what are you looking forward to the most when all these characters collide in The Oloris? Sound off in the comments. We’re DYING to hear your thoughts ?

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  • Elizabeth Freeman says:

    AWESOME!!! so hyped!

  • E.b.hotep says:

    Just found out about Youneek studios on YouTube and I am hooked! I definitely will be following you from now on.

  • Larry Boyd says:

    I’ve been reading comics since I was 2, and by far, the story lines, graphics and attitudes in these books puts you in the action. “Books for you, By you”, introducing this to a network of friends.

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