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Set in 10,000 BC, The Asiri is an epic science fantasy story about an ancient advanced West African civilization (inspired by the Akan/Ashanti people) of space explorers that once colonized Mars. Enhanced by an inner power called “INKRA,” the Asiri are able to create, control and manipulate tech in ways never seen before. The most exemplary of which is THE ASCENDED⁠—a select few Asiri who can morph into giant beings, each equipped with unique and otherworldly powers.

However, the Asiri see their golden age come to a devastating halt after the invasion of THE AGELESS⁠—sentient automaton sentries from deep space who share a mysterious and troubling connection with the Asiri. Now, a once-thriving civilization is thrust into chaos as loyalty, a revered tenet of Asiri culture, very quickly becomes a liability.

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