Ever the curious warrior, Bass Kazaar, found one of the ancient Atalian relics and became The WindMaker. With his newfound powers to manipulate the wind as well as his Red Raven Army, Bass would go on drive Cheng and his forces away from Atala. His victory would go on to earn him the honor of being crowned the first-ever King of Atala. Read full bio

Character Info

Real Name Bass Kazaar
Aliases The WindMaker
Powers Manipulating wind
Abilities Bass was trained in the arts of Kung Fu under the legendary Master Yu, Chinese monk of the Ming Dynasty. This technique combined with the ancient art of acrobatic leg sweep combat native to the Atalians make Bass one of the most formidable combatants in the world. Read more
Height 6’3
Weight 200 lbs
Nationality Atalian
Universe YouNeek YouNiverse

WindMakerFun Fact

Bass Kazaar was trained by a group of Shaolin monks who disagreed with Cheng’s approach and rebelled against him, fighting side by side with The WindMaker and his Red Ravens.