Little is known about the masked sociopath they call Oniku. However, as time passes he becomes EXO’s worst adversary and Lagoon city’s greatest nightmare. Read full bio.

Character Info

Real NameUnknown
AliasesGeneral, The Masked Sociopath
PowersSuper strength, Telekinesis
AbilitiesOniku is an excellent physicist and a brilliant engineer. He also possesses an overwhelming knowledge of human psychology and how people think Read more
Weight230 lbs
UniverseYouNeek YouNiverse
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Fun Fact

The name Oniku is a play on two words from the Yoruba (one of the three major tribes in Nigeria) language. “Oni” which roughly translate to “Bringer” and the word “Iku” which means “death”. In essence Oni-Iku would roughly translate to “Bringer of Death”. A Grim Reaper so to speak.