Not much is known about the mysterious Fury, except she has the ability to move in extreme, but monetary speed bursts. To EXO, she often times a “Purple Problem”. Read full bio

Character Info

Real NameUnknown
AliasesFury, Purple Problem
PowersSuper speed (in short bursts), can leap up to 150 feet in the air.
AbilitiesFury’s combat style suggests she is well versed in the ancient martial arts technique Ninjistsu. That combined with her speed makes her an incredibly evasive combatant, who more than often frustrates her foes by being virtually untouchable. Read more
Weight135 lbs
NationalityNigerian/British (Biracial)
UniverseYouNeek YouNiverse


Fun Fact

Fury’s suit is reinforced with a Kevlar like material, making it both form fitting (for enhanced aerodynamic movement) as well as bulletproof.